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Agreement between CanaDares Society and the Vijaliwa Vingi Society

Two Boards of Directors share overall responsibility for direction and operation of our home for disadvantaged children in Tanzania.

  • The Board of Vijaliwa Vingi (VVS) established under the laws of Tanzania, has primary oversight responsibility for day-to-day operating policies and controls, particularly in the areas of Tanzanian government requirements and relations, personnel decisions and for the protection and promotion of the welfare of the participants. 

  • The Board of CanaDares (CDS), established under the laws of Canada, has overall responsibility for long-range planning and financing for the project, for ensuring that its operations are prudently and professionally managed in compliance with the government requirements, and for communications with its supporters and with the public generally.

The Boards have entered an agreement which sets out their roles and responsibilities in detail, and have undertaken to work and communicate closely with each other to achieve their joint aims.

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